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Prevention and Maintenance

Comprehensive Prevention and Maintenance Program

The Hidden Risk
Research shows that oral problems, such as periodontal disease, can lead to the development of conditions such as cardiovascular disease, bacterial pneumonia, diabetes mellitus, and low birth weight. Further studies are exploring links to osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease.

Partners in Protecting Your Health
In our continuous effort to provide patients with the most advanced level of care, Palm Beach Prosthodontics has established a Comprehensive Prevention and Maintenance Program. As part of your appointment with one of our skilled hygienists, we assess the status of your restorations and supporting structures and your potential for developing dental disease. In the event we find an increased risk for dental disease or restorative failure, we recommend a comprehensive preventive plan to reduce your risk level while we continue to care for your current dental needs. This in-depth evaluation also gives us the opportunity to look for signs of oral cancer.